Elle’s Swim was created by a young lover of the sea:

Riley Noel. 

A young woman practically born and raised in the ocean, who knows a good suit that protects her while she catches the waves. Forever inspired to protect the ocean, one day and bikini at a time. 

Riley Noel About page for Elle's Swim

Elle’s Swim cleans up our beautiful home with bikinis made from 100% recycled materials. So we can dive into the world’s oceans while wearing bikinis that helped clean them. 

Learn more about our Earth-friendly practices, here.

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Why Elle’s?

Elle’s swim was born and named after “el” being such a distinct sound within my name.

Noel, /nō'el/, my middle name, is traced back to a French adjective “of or relating to birth”. 

Mother nature inspires me to be born a better human and woman everyday, to constantly be growing. This company is my ode to Mother Nature. May her beauty live forever.

Riley Noel, 18 year old woman started her own eco-friendly swimsuit company made from recycled materials